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Pictures on left were taken in January and pictures on right Sunday. This is why no one recognizes Gus anymore! 

Kathy C. Olney TX. 4/21/2021


Three months ago, I somewhat reluctantly put 4 roping horses on Remount pellets. I’ve never been an advocate of supplements but given the protein/amino acid/CBD profile in the product I figured it wouldn’t do any harm and might even have some benefits. My 11-year-old heel horse is a profuse sweater. Once saddled, he will start sweating before he is even warmed up, which my Veterinarian has attributed to anxiety. After only 30 days on Remount, the excessive sweating has completely stopped.   I also believe his recovery from one run to the next has improved significantly. A head horse I have on Remount has a much-improved top-line after being on Remount. Both horses look fantastic. The only diet changes these horses have had is the addition of Remount. 

Kent H. Montgomery TX. 4/27/2021


I have a barrel horse who stresses everyday, all day long. Wasn't able to eat and keep his foot on the ground, always waving that foot in circles. He stresses over being tied up and not seeing his friends. Jerry sent the Remount and this horse has settled down! I have video of him stressing and then 2 weeks after starting Remount, he stands very quiet and no screaming g for his friends! Great product!

Rosalee K. Giddings, TX. 3/13/2021


I made my first run last night after having Gus on the product for 4 doses...Gus walked calmly up the alley and fired much harder than he has been.  He worked like a dream (which he always works nice just typically gets a little anxious when going in).  Ran a full second faster than our fastest time in that pen and placed 8th in the 2D...which as 13th overall at the race...VERY PLEASED!!

Kathy C. Olney, TX. 3/12/2021


Over the 1st 30 days of using Remount I have seen a great improvement to my horse at competitions he is more settled in the pen and not so anxious. Is coat and hoof health has also improved. This product is amazing. Love what it does for my horse!

Nicole K. Joplin, MO. 3/2/2021


My mare is so shiny and has added a lot of muscle mass. She stays quiet and focused in our barrel runs.

Our daughter's 20 yo mare looks and feels like she's 10 again!

Christi S. Caldwell, ID - 5/12/2020


In only two weeks we are seeing improvement in two horses. Their focus and calmness is already improved, looking forward to the 60 day mark!! 

Things are good with Remount!!!

Bruce T - 12/08/2020


My mare had EPM, we treated it and all but one symptom went away. She was very spooky, couldn’t be tied to a trailer without sitting back, her coat was kind of dull as well. Since starting remount she’s less spooky and very shiny 🤩

Jessica K, Robertsdale, AL - 02/16/2021


Remount CBD pellets have been a great addition to our feeding program!! We definitely can see the results not only in the outward appearance of our performance horses, but also in the way they feel during Training and competition, we also notice a quicker recovery time! So happy that we chose to add this supplement to our program! ⭐️Happy horses, Happy owner! ⭐️

Chelsea S, Clayton, WA - 02/16/2021



I am on my second container and right now I am using it on my older mare. I honestly can tell a difference when she hasn't been on it. I ran out for about a week and I could definitely tell the difference. She feels like she is on fire and back to her younger self. It is so nice to feel like she is not feeling her age. It is my most important goal to keep her feeling her best especially with the goals we have set for this year and next year and it can be harder the older they get but I honestly haven't felt her feel this good in the three years that I have owned her.  I also like that this product does so much but keeps my feed program simple. I don't like feeding a million supplements and this one helps me stay simple but provides so many benefits. I appreciate your confidence in my goals and supporting me as one of your sponsored riders. 

Courtney D, Douglas, WY - 02/16/2021


I’m really impressed with how Remount helped get my 15 yr old gelding back on track. He’s always been a tank but started losing a little weight a few months ago. I started him on the Remount pellets and he quickly regained his beefy physique. I like the idea of the natural anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD and plan on feeding this long term. I’ll also be trying Remount on one of my nervous colts when he starts training.

Renee B, - 02/12/2021












Both my Quarter horse and Thoroughbred love Remount. Not only are they calmer and enjoying riding more, they look better and feel better! Remount has helped my horses in more ways than one and i will continue to use remount on all my horses!

Alexia W, Mt Pleasant, MI - 02/16/2021


I have a show horse who is a hard keeper, a picky eater, and a nervous horse. After 3 weeks on Remount his coat condition has improved, he has gained weight and his appetite is great! I'm putting all of my horses on Remount!

Jane Giles, JC Performance Horses LLC, Congress, AZ - 5/14/2020


I am a longtime rodeo cowboy and team roper from Vale OR. I began using Remount protein powder about 1 month ago with my horse, who is 24, was lethargic and feeling the effects of his age. Remount has boosted his overall energy level and he is much more active and alert. It's a welcome change in his overall demeanor.

My horse enjoys eating the product and will let me know when I am late getting him fed. Having a supplement that is highly desired and not wasted in any way is a bonus!

Lastly, the nutritional benefit of the essential amino acids provided by Remount is extremely beneficial to the overall health of my horse. Lysine, Methionine, Threonine are all provided in Remount. I know my horse is getting healthier which in turn makes us both happy! Many thanks to Remount!!

Dave Eyler, Vale OR - 5/15/2020

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