Frequently asked questions

What is Remount made from?

Remount Equine CBD Protein Supplement is made from all natural hemp leaf and flower. All of our product is sourced from right here in the USA from trusted growers and extraction companies. The hemp biomass we use is the by-product of cannabanoid extraction and has been remediated to ensure only the highest quality and purest hemp is used.

Does Remount contain THC?

No. Remount utilizes only post-extraction biomass. This means that the THC has been removed. We ensure that there still remains no less than 2% CBD by volume in the biomass.

How will Remount benefit my horse?

Remount is a feed supplement that contains up to 18 of the necessary 22 amino acids not found in normal equine feeding practices and not produced naturally. These amino acids are provided by the outstanding feed quality of industrial hemp. Consequently, your horse is getting all the benefits of these amino acids including: bone growth, skeletal structure, overall growth, prevention of orthopedic diseases, promotion of healthy coat, hair, and hoof tissues, improvement of muscle mass retention. Remount is easily absorbed into the system and can be used on a daily basis for best results. Remount also contains the added value of CBD. As a result, all of the receptors in your horse's endocannabinoid system are affected in a positive way. These systems include: immune, digestive, central nervous, skeletal and pain. CBD has also been linked to the destruction and prevention of cancer cells. CBD is known to bring all of the important systems in the horse's body into a state of equalibrium or balance. Thus, Remount is all about improving and maintaining the overall health and viability of your animals for years to come.

What do if my horse doesn't like the taste?

If your horse doesn't love the taste of Remount right away, lower your dosage until they begin to like it more. For some horses it can be an aquired taste, therefore easing them into the full dosage is sometimes necessary.

How do I feed Remount to my animal?

Some animals may be taken aback initially by the smell, if that's the case for yours, give them smaller amounts to start with and slowly increase as they get used to the smell. You can also combine Remount with a sticky grain or any other liquid (not water) that's a part of your horse's diet to make it more palatable to begin with.